Wednesday, 2 November 2011

There's a plaice for us

The great Yorkshire fish hunt

In my life (as a Fab man once sang) I have always had a love of the sea and therefore a respect of all things fishy. 
Mysteriously I have also unusual secret...I have no clue as to why but I love watching fishing programs...recently I feel cured (fish joke!) but clearly there is some salt water in my veins.

This is a shop near my office...always pass and wonder about Eric

Playing with my iPhone I 'caught this huge rock bass (I used to be a bass player in a rock band so that works) and superimposed my pretend fishy with my real cats Tabitha and Maci...who had taken up squatters rights as I mistakenly left my chair and went to make a cup of tea...

As I chugged my way home from work these little islands of light warmly reminded me that I wasn't alone and  that life continues regardless of nights attempts to send us all to bed

The Leeds United fans gather outside the Fish & Chip shop over the road from their teams ground...all other days of the week this shop is empty and gives no hint of the mayhem to come

One of my local Fish & Chip shops called Chu... ran by a lovely Chinese family with a great grasp of Yorkshire tradition

I include this shop because it is closed unusually...and I know the story...
The owner told me as often they do tell you stories...
His daughter is heading to University and today she had an open day at York University so he closed the shop...She also had an interview at Leeds University last Saturday but he told me he would loose to much money if he closed on a Saturday!
Yorkshire Love

Near my work today I stopped to take pictures of this bright and popular example...while taking pictures a guy in a big posh 4 by 4 stopped his car, wound down his window and asked me why I was taking pictures of his shop....I told him the truth and I think he thought given my choice of fun he would smile and drive away!

This 'Chippy' is so close to my office that I have considered moving my desk phone and PC in...

So there you have it...some people keep Coy Carp and some people Cod & Chips

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  1. Ahhh...he writes!!

    Great, the glimpse of your local stomping ground combined with your witty words. As for the man in the posh car, everyone knows not to mess with the Muse. Such a fun read, David...You lured ;) this mermaid in (well, when in Rome/Yorkshire) which is far better than a hook through the lip. ;) Thrilled... to see your post:)